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          Welcome to Huizhou Yingyi Motor Co., Ltd. official website!
          New Product·  There is always the "it"
          Why choose us?
          for you to customize the most suitable products
          Ying Yi services more than 1,000 large and medium-sized enterprises, well aware of the characteristics of various products, according to the actual situation of your products customized solutions to ensure that the budget to optimize.
          Scale production base, configure a strong R & D, production team a number of professional production lines, delivery is guaranteed.
          ISO9001 quality system certification
          Senior engineers as the core R & D team
          Yingyi company management strict, standardized operation, after years of effort, innovation, with good quality of professional staff, a strong research and development capabilities, advanced detection equipment and scientific management system, the company can be sustained and stable development.
          Have experienced engineers, the development of practical, efficient and durable fixture to ensure product stability and consistency.
          Our pursuit is to customer satisfaction
          The customer is anxious business purposes of our simple
          Ying Yi companies and customers were seeking common development, common profit, common prosperity, the urgency of urgency is our simple business purposes! We sincerely welcome all new and old friends to visit our spacious factory and negotiate and make valuable suggestions!
          Customer satisfaction is our goal!
          Cooperation Case Show
          CASE SHOW

          Add: Xinxu mayor cloth new autumn road

          phone:0752-3533308 fax:0752-3522225

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